NextPath Advisors
Chart your next path


How we help you find your next path:

Scout Analytics was guided through a business model pivot requiring a revamped go-to-market plan. Great execution on these changes led directly to leadership in the new market and a successful M&A exit for the company.
— John Connors, Ignition Partners


A NextPath strategic review provides an independent assessment of the company’s market and position relative to key partners and competitors. From this review, potential changes are vetted according to:

  • company and product direction
  • new partnerships and channels
  • financing alternatives to support changes
  • M&A positioning



Partnerships are critical to increasing reach in your market. Relationships with pivotal players in your space can expose your offerings to the partners’ install bases, and yield increased revenue. These strategic alliances are essential to future M&A opportunities by validating joint products and market fit. A NextPath partnership assessment will identify collaboration opportunities in your extended market and provide guidance through the relationship development process.

Go To Market

Our NextPath go-to-market (GTM) assessment will determine how the company’s sales and marketing efforts compare to relevant technology industry benchmarks. Additionally, this assessment will identify any changes required to align the company to the new strategy. In areas where the company is not performing to potential, we will make recommendations to reach that potential and provide the option to engage outside professionals who we consider to be world class in their specialty.


Despite the large amounts of PE and VC capital flowing into technology companies today, it is crucial to have your financing be stage appropriate. Finance sources may include lines of credit, PE/VC funding, and corporate investments with each source playing a different role depending on the stage your company is in at the time. A NextPath financing assessment will help match potential sources of capital against the needs identified in the NextPath strategy and GTM reviews.


A pivotal opportunity for any technology company is distribution through proper channels. Identifying the optimal channels to leverage is dependent on several factors including the type of offering, average selling price, and required implementation services. Extending your distribution beyond direct sales is critical to driving revenue, lowering the cost of sales, and strategic positioning with potential acquirers. A NextPath channel assessment will evaluate the validity of your current approach and determine new channels where appropriate.


Strong revenue growth combined with the right partnerships sets the stage for a very successful outcome for employees and investors. A NextPath M&A assessment will identify how well your company is positioned for a successful outcome and provide comprehensive guidance for the M&A process when appropriate.  Positioning the company for a successful exit 18-24 months ahead of the auction process will deliver the highest exit valuation.